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Writing about leadership, change, and technology in the 21st century. 

I write about leadership, change, and technology. Leaders determine whether change in the 21st century manifests as challenge or opportunity. Technology is the driving force.

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My values

Our ability to build communities makes people awe-inspiring, including leaders: I value supporting and investing in others.

Communities are powerful because they combine myriad original individuals: I strive to offer original insights and perspectives.

I believe in truth and the importance of promoting it: I try to be honest without being blunt, saying what needs to be said.

Accordingly, I also value hearing truth and pursue learning as often as possible: I am eager to hear new ideas and feedback.


What I've learnt...

My story, so far

Moved into web3

LESSON: learning ongoing, I only started in May!

I went to four very different schools

LESSON: change happens, and you can choose whether to make the most of it or not

I grew up in a little village called Brockham

LESSON: if you want to make something happen, be it a treehouse or social change, you have to take the initiative (and you can)

Left school, voted likeliest to marry their job... and second funniest

LESSON: make sure that people don't pigeonhole you

Went to university

LESSON: if nothing else, Oxford University teaches its students how to justify any viewpoint, but lots of people leave without an ethical north star, which makes this really worrying

Interned in the government

LESSON: huge organisations rely on bureaucracy, but it becomes an addiction

Dreams crushed by Covid

LESSON: change happens, and you can choose whether to make the most of it or not

Set up the world's first international academic society for philosophy, politics, and economics

LESSON: other people will often have better ideas than you

Co-founded Oxford's largest access organisation, UniReach

LESSON: how to bring people together, how to lead a team, and (sort of) how to code

Did really well in my exams (seriously, I'm still surprised)

LESSON: work really bloody hard for the goals you want to achieve in your life

Interned at a charity

LESSON: brilliant, kind, lovely, thoughtful, creative people need support in getting things done

Watched England almost win a major football competition

LESSON: it's coming home, but not this time (also, spirit and heart matters more than tactics but less than strategy)

Began working at Egon Zehnder

LESSON: focus on the big things, how to build a good culture and why it's important, and how psychology makes teams effective

Set up this site and blogcast

LESSON: how to balance consuming information and making use of it

What I want to teach...

Why this site exists

I believe that good leadership is essential if our societies are to make the most of today's change. But not leadership that you're used to.

Leaders aren't only people who have run global organisations, have many thousands of Instagram followers, or manage huge teams and big budgets.


They're also people like you. Leaders are simply people who care: people who care about better ways of doing things, about sharing good ideas and bringing others along with them, about having an impact.

It doesn't matter about scale; whether the world knows your name or just the people on your street. Whether you're in a corporate job, or in politics, or if you just want to start a movement, the sector is irrelevant.

People can be a leader in any situation, and I want to explore how. That's why I set up Empowered Belonging, a newsletter (and podcast) about how good leadership can build societies fit for the 21st century.

Empowered Belonging

Empowered Belonging is a newsletter about how good leadership can build societies fit for the 21st century.

Challenges and opportunities often come as two sides of the same coin. In this century, the start of a new era, we face them in our economic, social, and political worlds.

New technologies are redefining how people work and produce value, how people communicate and mobilise, and thus how our political systems function too.

It is the role of leaders, in business, society, and politics, to turn these challenges into opportunities, and build empowering societies that can take advantage of them.

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