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Hi, my name is Leo.

I'm interested in technology, culture, and change.
At Culture3, we're experimenting with ideas about how they intersect to shape a better future for humanity.
I'm always delighted to talk about anything even at all tangentially related to my writing or my photography.

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What I've learnt...

My story, so far

I went to four very different schools

LESSON: change happens, and you can choose whether to make the most of it or not

I grew up in a little village called Brockham

LESSON: if you want to make something happen, be it a treehouse or social change, you have to take the initiative (and you can)

Interned in the government

LESSON: huge organisations rely on bureaucracy, but it becomes an addiction

Dreams crushed by Covid

LESSON: change happens, and you can choose whether to make the most of it or not

Set up a global intellectual

discussion group

LESSON: other people will often
have better ideas than you

Interned at a charity

LESSON: brilliant, kind, lovely, thoughtful, creative people need support in getting things done

Watched England almost win a major football competition

LESSON: it's coming home, but not this time (also, spirit and heart matters more than tactics but less than strategy)

Started writing online

LESSON: how to balance consuming information and making use of it

Went to university

LESSON: if nothing else, Oxford University teaches its students how to justify any viewpoint, but lots of people leave without an ethical north star, which makes this really worrying

Co-founded Oxford's largest access organisation, UniReach

LESSON: how to bring people together, how to lead a team, and (sort of) how to code

Did really well in my exams (seriously, I'm still surprised)

LESSON: work really bloody hard for the goals you want to achieve in your life

Began working at Egon Zehnder

LESSON: focus on the big things, how to build a good culture and why it's important, and how psychology makes teams effective

Building Culture3

LESSON: how culture shapes technology, and more about how technology will shape us, plus how to hire people

Left school, voted likeliest to marry their job... and second funniest

LESSON: make sure that people don't pigeonhole you
I don't know what the future holds.
But I would love to chat about what it might look like.
My email is leo@thisdomain.
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